Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sly (clever) Rib (woman)

I'm a poor speller, but I find words fascinating, I use plenty, plenty that I can't spell. Often I'm looking for the correct spelling because it's for a dialog going on in more than just my brain and I don't want to embarrass myself too much, I'll search the Internet. Correct spellings will come with bonus etymology, change over time or alternate usage. A happy assimilation of information accident. Most likely the spelling won't stick permanently but the gleaning will. I find the bones of the written language fascinating, and it's okay if the correct way to order them won't stay sorted out, I'll happily go back again and again.

SlyRib was simillar accident. In bed sick for something looking for brain diversion I entered in the web address of my one of my favorite newspapers. A missed keystroke and SlyRib came to be... in my brain. It took a good three years to get from idea to a written Internet published post. I don't expect anything but a place to layout my personal language and idea bone collection in interesting patterns, sometimes trying for the proper assemblage sometimes not.

Sly like clever. Rib like Eve. Sly also as in Eve, because she was clever, whether in the creation narrative or as her daughters have been throughout time. Rib as in bones, as in pared down to the essential elements. Rib as in the protection of my vital parts. Ribs wrap around my heart. Arranged in another fashion, it could mean a thousand other things. I am a SlyRib.

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